Dr Mohammad Mahdi Ghandi
received his BSc (1998) and MSc (2001) degrees in Electronics Engineering from the University of Tehran. After two years of industrial experience in image and video coding, he joined the Video Networking Group at the University of Essex in January 2003 as a senior research officer where he published several papers in the field of video communications. He was also granted a PhD degree from this university. Since January 2006 he became a design engineer and then next year a project leader at 4i2i communications (Later Evertz Microsystems) in the United Kingdom where he developed video codecs in hardware systems. He is now a senior staff Engineer at Evertz Burlington Canada. His research interests include reliable image and video transmission, advanced multimedia codecs, and video transcoding.
Email mahdighandi@gmail.com
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Journal Publications
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Conference Publications
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  10. A Novel Context Modeling Scheme For Motion Vector Arithmetic Coding CCECE 2004
  11. Compressed domain spatial scaling of MPEG video sequences ICCE 2002
  12. Bit-rate reduction of MPEG compressed video CCECE 2002

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